Make a Great First Impression with these Resume and Business Cards Tips!

ResumeBusiness cards, resumes, and other branding products provide potential employers with their first impression of your skillset, and a well-designed and organized product will make a great first impression. Here are a few tips to consider to help you along the way!

Even the most gorgeously designed branding materials are a failure if a potential employer cannot easily find your contact information. Make sure that you provide employers with a few different ways to get in touch with you, including at least an email address and a phone number. It’s also helpful to keep all of this information next to your name, just to reinforce the connection.

When you’re putting together your resume it’s also essential to provide employers with a full employment history. Don’t just tell them where you worked, explain to them exactly what you did. Use action verbs like “designed,” “managed,” or “organized” to describe your capabilities. A strong set of references will reinforce the fact that you’re the right candidate for a job as well.

Now that you’ve created your perfect resume, business cards, and other branding material it’s time to print out a few copies to have on hand. Online printing companies like Vistaprint offer you a variety of different packages and products to print. Better yet, they also provide users with ready-made templates to enter your information into. That way you know that your business cards are well designed and will make a strong impression.

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