Student Portfolios

download (13)Many teachers want to modify the way they do things, but sometimes there’s just a deficiency of resources, an obvious strategy, or techniques already in place about how to continue. Teachers and directors are so busy, that unless the resources and the programs are prepared to go, sometimes the best objectives have to get left behind.

Authentic evaluation is a great example of something so many instructors want to do, but can’t always take off. At a school I worked at, instructors all decided to a new strategy of assessment. The management had created it obvious that each student should have a student profile of actual work samples. Not only would instructors see this work as part of the evaluation procedure for review cards and conferences, but each profile would be approved on at the end of the season to the next season instructor so they could get to know their new children. It began as an interesting concept by teachers and administrators – instead of just using test grades, let’s look at actual student work! Let’s get on the portfolio assessment! So the instructors created containers to store some of the kids best work throughout the season. Well, at first all was going well. Good examples got stored, and some of it got used a few times during teacher parent meetings. But then, as the time went, the facts of paper and time began operating against the instructors. The containers got more and more packed complete of documents and there was no system set up for removing work as more came in. Some instructors kept the containers to be able, and others let them get progressively unpleasant. At the end of the season, some instructors were pressured when the management requested them to get prepared any directory of best work comprising the year for each student, to successfully transfer to the next instructor. Some of them handled this better than others – the ones that were very well-organized. Lastly, the containers that some of the instructors created were all covered up and marked. It was at this factor that everything began to drop apart. Now, just a few years later, at least there is a much better way – digital portfolios are beginning to become available to substitute big large containers loaded with documents. But even as we discover excellent alternatives with technological innovation, we still need to keep in mind, that behind every wise decision, there’s a need for excellent execution and preparing, so that all of our instructors, learners, mother and father, and directors can see excellent stuff come of their excellent objectives.

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