Two of the Best Sports-Related Careers

Even though your college sports team days are over, you don’t have to give up enjoying your favorite sport. You can continue to be very involved in the sporting world by landing a sports-related job. Most of us don’t have the athletic ability to make it as a professional athlete but there are many jobs that allow us regular folks to stay closely connected to the world of sports while earning a steady paycheck. Here are two of the best sports-related careers that are always in demand.

Sports Official
As long as there are organized sports being played, there will be a need for sports officials. Both men and women are needed to officiate in a wide range of sports at the amateur, semi-professional and professional levels. Being a sports official at the amateur and semi-amateur level pay very little or nothing at all. However, landing a job as a sports official at the professional level can be very lucrative.

Every man and woman who is a professional sports official have one thing in common and that is they love the competitiveness of sports. If you have always admired sports officials and appreciate what they do, you may have what it takes to be a successful official at the elite level.

In order to be considered for an elite position as a sports official of course you have to have an interest in or better yet a passion for in the sport you wish to officiate. You should study the rules of the sport you’re interested in officiating and attend sporting official clinics. It’s also necessary that you have a good deal of experience officiating that sport at an amateur or semi-amateur level. Those who make it as elite professional officials have extensive experience officiating at the local, high school and college level.

Physical Therapist
One of the leading careers within the sports medicine field is that of a physical therapist. The role of a physical therapist is to assess, diagnose and treat sports injuries. In order to become a physical therapist for a professional sports team, one would first need to have a master of physical therapy degree and then pass a state licensing examination. Once you are licensed as a physical therapist you must pursue a residency or fellowship program to enhance your knowledge and practice. Then, it would be necessary to become a board-certified specialist in sports physical therapy.

Many universities in the US offer post-professional doctor of physical therapy degree programs as a part of their sports medicine curricula. To be eligible for this type of doctorate degree program, you’re required to posses a master’s degree. You are allowed to work as a professional physical therapist while studying for your doctorate degree and actually it is strongly encouraged to do so.

The highest paying sports officials in the United States are referees working in the NFL. An NFL referee makes anywhere from $25,000 to $70,000 per season and considering that there are only about 16 games in the average season, that pay is quite remarkable. A sports physical therapist at the elite level can easily earn upward of $100,000 working solely for a professional sports team.

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